Fishes and Loaves Food Pantry

 Attendance Regulations:  Clients may choose up to all Saturdays each month that the pantry is open.  (there are some special closings)
  1. Closed last Saturday of Every Month 
  2. Saturday after Thanksgiving each year
  3. Christmas Day or the Saturday before Christmas each year
  4. Open on the 5th Saturday of the month, if the month has a 5th Saturday 

 Weekly Operation Update & Registration Requirements
We ask that NEW Clients please come in between 08:00 & 10:00 AM / be sure to bring the items listed below for registration. 
  1. Photo ID of the Individual Registering
  2. Proof of Current Address of Residency (the following items will qualify for Proof Residency – ID / Utility Bill / Medical Prescription). DO NOT NEED PROOF of the below ITEMS / but need this information for Registration
  3. Current Income / where income comes from / amount of each Income source / do you get Food Stamps – ???? / if YES – how much do you receive
  4. Name / Age / Date of birth / Sex) / Relationship tp Registerar / of everyone eating the food you are receiving
Fishes and Loaves Food Pantry is sponsored by the church with a simple mission: “We are here to provide food to people who are hungry.” The food pantry has been in operation since October of 2004. Fishes and Loaves receives food from a variety of sources to include local grocery stores, local farmers, local churches, community members, and Manna Food Bank in Asheville, NC, and community monetary donations.

Fishes & Loaves is an official distributor of “The Emergency Food Assistance Program” (TEFAP) food source program.  This program is available each Saturday that the Food Pantry is in operation.  
Volunteer opportunities include: MANNA shopping for food (Thursdays); Stocking the pantry (Thursdays); and Staffing the pantry (Saturdays).   Recipients of food (Clients) are required to provide their name, address, photo ID,  phone number, names, and  information of everyone receiving benefits.  Contact Eecutive Director of Fishes and Loaves Ministry: Albert Lyons, III.  contact #’s – Church # 828-891-4360 / Albert’s cell # 803-960-3020